Tries to Redefine How Transsexuals Find Their Perfect Chatting Partners, a large chat portal and community consisting of transsexuals from around the world, is in an attempt to redefine how transsexuals find their chatting partners., a popular chatting community that primarily caters to transsexuals, recently made an attempt to redefine how transsexuals chat and date each other. The owners added that the site is one among the handful of sites catering to transsexuals exclusively. They said that the site now features a section where queers and lesbians of the world can chat and discuss about LGBT laws of different countries, whereas the shemale webcam chat portal itself serves as the main point of attraction for the members and patrons of the chat portal. now features shemale patrons from over seventy five countries, though the owners insisted that the languages commonly spoken and understood by the patrons are English, Spanish and Portuguese. They said that the site now also doles out information on upcoming LGBT seminars, workshops, live chat sessions and many more. In short, the owners do not want to keep as just another chatting community. They are much interested in making it more than a chat portal and maintained that they want to promote ‘meaningful conversations’ between transsexuals.

“If somebody thinks that our chat portal is just another erotic chat portal, he will be grossly wrong. This is because the purpose of the chat portal is to make shemale webcam chatting as meaningful as possible. Many of our patrons have actually been able to find their dating and life partners through the live webcam chatting portal and community and we think that’s the biggest achievement for us in the history of this adult entertainment and chat portal”, said a top administrator who manages subscriptions to the community. He also added that over the past three months, the membership count has nearly doubled, which he believes a sign of everything going in the right direction.

“When we started this chat portal, we were pigeonholed as a sex chat portal. However, we have proved over time that shemale webcam chatting can be more meaningful than its critics think”, he added during a press conference held at the headquarters of the internet based enterprise. The CEO of the company also echoed the same thoughts.

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